About the founders

Ed Pitt - Co-Founder & CTO

Ed PittEd grew up dismantling things and rebuilding them, but was rather disinterested in computers. Then the worldwide web came along, and he started building websites at Uni using a beige Mac Classic running Netscape Navigator 1.2.

Since then Ed has worked as a developer on dozens of commercial projects for brands big and small, and is adept at single-handedly turning tech ideas into reality. Tokn is a prime example of this talent.

Ed likes fixing up old VW's, trying to keep fit, biking, and dabbling in a bit of 'extreme DIY'. Unfortunately there isn't a great deal of time for any of these things as he and his wife have three young children to entertain.


Richie Jones - Co-Founder & CMO

Richie Jones

Richie has always wanted to know how things work.

In the early days it was how toasters worked, or microwave’s or VCRs. This obsession then extended to microelectronics and then on to programming in Basic on a Commodore 64. The BC108 Transistor was his microelectronics buddy in his early teens whether it was building an automatic railway crossing on his model railway or in a less popular move magnetising his parents cutlery hours before one of their infamous 1980’s Fondue dinner parties.

This geekery was developing alongside a love of Mountain Biking and then latterly in his late teens Surfing. These two sports continue to serve him well as a way of engaging his hyperactivity and creativity (Flow).

Underpinning the geek/extreme sports activities is a strong spirit of entrepreneurialism. He is in awe of the Creative Destruction the Internet has wreaked and has worked with many brands to fully capitalise on the opportunity digital represents in both an online marketing and brand sense.

He is based in his beloved Bristol and happily married to his yoga and ballet loving wife.